Well Pantry
Meals that heal.


Creating balance through Kitchen Sadhana, embody the Sanskrit meaning for "the means of accomplishing something". Realize goals and maximize your life's force in the kitchen. The kitchen is a sacred space designed to nourish our mind, body, and spirit. Practice healthful kitchen habits and feel, appear, and perform your best.

I am Angela Rosoff and I bring a background of study in Human Learning & Development, Culinary Arts, and a Masters in Digestion and Nutrition in Ayurveda studies. My mission is to work with individuals and groups to refine kitchen habits, cook better, and help create a pantry of wellness for you and those you love. 

 Let's connect and discover your kitchen needs. 

Let's connect and discover your kitchen needs. 


Angela Rosoff


Tel. +1 415 297 0230
E.  angelarosoff@wellpantry.com

As a child, i felt deeply and experienced food allergies and naturally sought to balance my constitution. I come from a family of cooks, bakers, gardeners, and farmers. I have enjoyed contributing to communities through cooking, event planning, and connections to nature. 

I have a background in sociology, culinary arts, and ayurveda. My mission is to help individuals and families thrive through daily kitchen habits and activities. 

Contact me to learn more about food, cooking, lifestyle practices, and balance.