Wellness practice additions and ideas steeped in Ayurveda, exploring mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga for daily balance.
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Involved in the do-ing of summer? You've made plans or maybe you are spontaneous and do what feels right. Responding to our busy environment filled with maximum activity. Our world speeds up with exposure to more sunlight, offering more time for growth, activity, and pleasure. This time of year affords the luxury of pushing ahead, chasing the sunlight and making the most of our moments.

Carving out time for self-care may seem difficult. With so many opportunities to attend BBQs, meet friends at the park, make ice cream with family, or watch a sunset, we may find it difficult to focus on the self-care practices our body craves at this time of energetic output. As the summer begins, it is a gift to ourselves to bring daily yoga practice into our lives. With this practice, we bring an intention of self-care, which we will feel in our evening reflections. Setting up our next day in a positive way for ourselves and those around us ripples into the greater community and world.

Yoga gets us moving and stretches our minds, muscles, and connective tissues. Offering a weight bearing exercise specific to your body, yoga also offers direct benefits to individual organs in our bodies. Through specific yoga postures, we are able to seek optimum body performance during the summer when we may not have control of our schedule or diet. Adding ease in recovering from summer's lush active behaviors, we are better able to reduce inflammation or recovery from hangovers of sugar, alcohol, or lack of sleep. 

Finding daily balance with 20 minutes of yoga every day not only enhances our workout beyond the yoga practice, but also ensures that we are moving and realigning our bodies with a system which began development, as recorded in the Rig Veda, one of the four sacred Vedic texts. In the act of including yoga flow movements into a part of our day, we are tapping into the ritual other yogis have practiced and refined over time immemorial. Taking a moment to reflect upon this enables us to feel supported by our community of yogis past and present. Our beings are in line with sacred texts of knowledge and alignment with the sacred is an empowering act. 

Bringing balance to our lives is a practice which we all need to maintain equilibrium. Calibrating our personal goals, family initiatives, career, personal space, and relationships brings a sense of ease in our lives. When we tend to these areas of our lives with a regular routine, we are able to act in an informed way. Reacting to life creates a scene for chaos and undefined outcomes. Yoga presents the physical act of practicing process for better health. This foundational practice allows all areas of your life to have attention. With a full spirit and aligned body and mind, we bring integrity, determination, perseverance, and honesty.

It's all about developing good habits.

Are you thinking, "All of this sounds good, but I don't know how to get into the habit (also known as samskara, in sanskrit: संस्कार)?" Samskara translates to a variations of the word habit. Here are other translations of samskara: mental impressions, recollections, or psychological imprinting. Samskaras are a basis for the development of the idea of karma. With this in mind, what you are putting into your habits, you will reap benefits or output of energy. Investing in yourself will result in a result of some positive kind. 

Check out this action flow to bring your yoga practice into balance:

  • Detaching from the aversions to this or any other exercise practice is the beginning to allocating time to a daily yoga practice.
  • Allowing cognitive thought to enter your exercise program and yoga practice. Applying awareness to the benefits of yoga, take your body out of automation, which you may have subscribed to to keep yourself exercising.
  • Use your senses and feel the pain, comfort, nourishment, and results of a daily yoga practice. Honor this time to recharge your senses and perform better in the world. Bringing your full awareness to your mornings or before sleeping, enables your brain to orient toward self care and continuation of this path.
  • Dedicate a time after yoga practice to meditate. Yoga limbers up our spine and connective tissues. Aligning 7 chakras allows for efficient energy flow from our bodies into the universe. Adding a short or long meditation practice at the end of yoga practice brings a daily opportunity to connect with the  universe in our best posture and alignment, allowing for ease of flow in positive energy in and out of our bodies.
  • Experience the abundance and gratitude we feel when we complete a daily practice of yoga and meditation. Allowing ourselves to feel the abundance of the expanding universe in our bodies, we feel gratitude in a myriad of ways toward:
    • ourselves for supporing a self-care practice
    • the trees and plants for nourishing us with oxygen
    • our families for supporting us on this journey of life
    • our ancestors for creating a path for our continuation
    • animals for their relationship with us as pets, food, and biodiversity



Energy Influencer ~ Maximize your intake and output
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Energy affects how we feel, look and behave. We encounter the world with the energy we bring into it. Our energy is like a mirror into our overall well being. The way we move is an articulation of the energy flowing through us or energy that is stagnant. Depleted energy can easily show itself in appearance of skin, eyes, and our demeanor. 

It can be the case that we need to pause and analyze our energy and how we expend it. We may encounter times when we must pace our energy and be careful of the flow of intake and output. Minding our diet in relationship with our dosha needs and being present in our bodies to understand our daily personal needs for the body is a best practice for preserving our health.

Influencing our own personal experience ripples into our relationships, community, and our world. So many rely on us to offer our best influence in these parts of our lives. It is important to not only create positive energy in our bodies, but, too, that we emanate positive energy into the universe. The best place to begin crafting the experience of influencing positivity is to in a mindfulness practice.

Once we are able to be mindful of what is happening in our bodies, we are able to have a deeper inner-personal relationship. Crafting a self-care practice to preserve our energy and to be our beautiful, intelligent, healthful, sparkly, and dynamic selves will bring wealth to ourselves and those around us. Carving out time in our day to craft this kind of self-care practice enables us to perform at our best and respond to others in our best comportment.

Not performing or responding at your best?

It's time to have a personal retreat. Get up one hour earlier and spend this time on YOU. Take time to exercise, stretch, develop a breathing practice, rub your feet. Spend extra time grooming and give extra attention to how you floss your teeth, scrape your tongue, groom your eyebrows, or polish your fingernails. 

After moving and grooming a bit, drink a glass of water and sit. Allocate some time to meditate and center your body with your mind -- your spirit will follow and you will begin the day in the best possible way. Giving yourself an opportunity to literally create some pliable and attractive space into your day will be reflected in your appearance. 

When we feel we look our best, we are better able to perform and respond to others in an optimal way. This kind of practice is the beginning of crafting a deep personal practice and creating depth in our daily experience. Disciplined activities which offer continuity, routine, and strength develop resilience and allow us to build and sustain energy in our minds and spirits. 

Nourish & Rest 

After this early morning practice, do you feel rested? If the answer is no, then going to bed earlier is the beginning of maximizing your body's energy. An earlier bedtime gives way to opportunity to enhance and develop REM sleep. This is the time of rest when we dream and allow our subconscious to express itself (also great nourishment for our mental health). This is also the kind of sleep which offers regenerative activity to our digestion and healing processes.

Getting to bed early is preceded by an earlier and lighter dinner. Completing meals before 7PM, allows us to be in the circadian rhythm with our environment. Resting before 10PM allows your body the time to completely digest, absorb nutrients, and build energy stores for the following day's problem solving and activities.

Continue in this act of generosity to yourself and take time to meal plan and strategize ingredients for your own personal dosha is the best approach to creating a flow in your diet and energy intake. What foods, how we combine these foods, and when we eat these foods are critical in how efficiently our body digests and absorbs nutrients from the matter we eat. Check out these basic tips for maximizing your nourishment:

  • Begin the day with warm water. Adding lemon or lime is a healing action here. 
  • Eat a protein rich breakfast. This can be a lighter meal. Caffeine can be ok at this point in the day.
  • Drink only water between meals. Flavored water with herbs, citrus, or other fruits are ok. Do not eat between meals. 
  • Make lunch the heaviest meal of your day. Take time to rest after this meal and properly digest foods. 
  • Again, drink only water between meals. Flavored water with herbs, citrus, or other fruits are ok. Do not eat between meals. 
  • Complete dinner before 7PM. This can be a lighter meal. Abstain from heavy desserts at this time and be careful when including alcohol, which can deplete energy.

Consider basic tips for food combining:

  • Do not mix dairy, meat, or fish with any fruit.
  • Include more healthy oils like hemp, flax, grape seed, and coconut oils.
  • Consider minimizing wheat gluten products to one meal a day or even less. Wheat products are difficult to digest and a steady diet of wheat presents inflammation which can zap energy.
  • Consider abstaining from alcohol and caffeine. These alter energetic shifts and create stress in the body, which in the end, will deplete your overall feelings of positive energy.
  • Add micronutrients and superfoods to your diet to enhance your metabolism and increase energetic feelings. 

Develop Deep Breathing

Develop your intake of oxygen and feel the difference in your daily experience. When we practice deep breathing we expand our lungs. When we continue a deep breathing practice over days, weeks, and months, we develop more energy, simply because we have a greater capacity in our bodies to house and flow oxygen in and out. 

Encounter the company of anyone who has a serious deep breathing practice and experience the intensity of an energetically intentional person. Some practice heightened performing actions of breathing like pranayama (in one nostril and out the other), holotropic breathing (an intentional state of short and long breaths to create a euphoric experience), Kundalini's breath of fire exercises can also create a state of expansion and lightness of being, and there are others, I am sure I am unaware of. The nature of intentionality in breathing and sitting to breath offers a pointedness to this action which develops the internal experience. This kind of practice, whichever we choose to develop creates rhythmic flow of energy to allow a maximum potential of positive experience to be inside and to flow outside of our bodies. 

Yoga Flow of Energy

Develop a yoga practice and you are following the routine of yogis from 5,000 years ago. While lineages and curated disciplines have developed in this range of time, the basic yoga sutras have carried forward and have been tested by humans for thousands of years. Fall into the line of tradition and feel the strength and connectivity to yogis from history. 

Sun salutations offer a flow of energy directed as intake from the sun. Whether we visualize the sun, or line up our bodies to face the sun, we take in the solar energy which warms our earth and lights up our skies. Connecting with nature, quite literally, grounds us and gives us an alignment with supportive natural energy from our universe. 

Incorporating breath work and mindful breathing into our practice develops a conduit of moving energy from our nostrils into areas of our body which needs to clear stagnant energy. Through stretching, breathing, and a flow of motion, we can literally move energy through and out of our bodies to allow for clearing chakras. To align and clear our chakras, we give ourselves the opportunity to receive positive energy from nature and other beings.

Develop a practice.

Follow these energy influencing activities daily and develop an energy influencing way about you. Feel the positive nature attracted to you. Discover good luck and positive responses from others. Be a conduit of positivity yourself and connect others with positive influence. 

Continuation in a practice allows for resiliency when life presents challenges. With these practices we discover the balance of nature as a teacher for how to continue to build and develop our practice. Beginning the path of connecting with ourselves offers the awareness and intuition to know when things are special and to seize opportunities.

When we can seize opportunities we become an influencer to others and build a positive life force in our world. We feel the abundance in our lives and can leverage this to create more abundance for all around us. Taking time to center ourselves in our bodies maximizes our personal energy flow to influence all parts of our world. 


Need help to get a closer to beginning or perfecting these lifestyle practices? Contact Well Pantry for an Ayurveda Consultation


Connect Mind, Body, and Spirit to establish balance.
 RIP to those lost to suicide. The numbers keep climbing more than ever, it seems.   

RIP to those lost to suicide. The numbers keep climbing more than ever, it seems.


For some, more and more, it seems, we may find ourselves dealing with anxiety and depression. In my personal experience, I know many who have struggled with depression. I now understand that I have dealt with these symptoms at different points in my life. It is a time when we are not aware of our personal struggle. Depression and anxiety cloud our sensory intake. 

I am reminded of this after learning of Kate Spade's suicide. I recall reading about her life in a fun coffee table book about Napa we received as a gift. It showed a decadently wealthy family with a fun lifestyle, including summers in Napa Valley. I've always admire her designs and thought the whimsy and clever preppy-vibe was spirited. 

When we consider the malalignment of the lifestyle and the outcome of the end of her life, we see the lack of balance in mind, body, and spirit. Offering a practice for each area of our life enables us to feel our bodies and manage symptoms as they come forward. Anxiety and depression present symptoms which are confusing to self-diagnose. The best course of action to be self-aware, is to be social and be receptive to the body and verbal language of those responding to you.

Being social is the beginnings of self development activities. Studies show that being social can alleviate and prevent feelings of despair. Connectivity to our community literally brings vitality into our daily experience. Humans are not meant to be solitary. We thrive in social environments and are supported by the energy of others.

Continuing our self-development through self-care practices of attending group lessons of exercise, academics, or being part of a group adds tour personal identity and gives depth to your daily routine. This adds a life force through others and creates a life of social dynamic and a sensibility with others in your community. Fostering empathy and feelings of peace and contentment, we may experience optimum performance in our brains. The hypothalamus is stimulated by feelings of peace and calm, allowing our thyroid and pineal glands to calibrate hormones in our blood flow. 

Easing the labor of these important hormone releasing glands protects the good function of these parts of your body. All initiated from external stimulation developed over time into daily feelings of harmony. Quite literally, harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit with this action. Adding simple practices like self awareness can affect our peace of mind, and create a ripple effect to improve our overall health. Mental health continues to reflect a response to our environment and culture. 

With self-care practices like self-awareness, we become better capable to interact in our communities. Adding daily yoga to self-care, allows us to stimulate organs with a perfect practice and will modulate normal hormone flow. Adding these truths to your routine may establish balance to your daily experience and improve how you feel. 

Kitchen Sadhana

Do you practice the communal connectivity of your personal mind, body, and spirit? Creating a kitchen space to express your own relationship with ingredients and the earth will enhance awareness. Mindfulness in the kitchen creates a ripple effect through our bodies, which feeds our minds. The practice of mindfulness stimulates our spirit, bringing direct connectivity to the earth through the food we eat and the bodies in which we reside.

Kitchen Sadhana practice includes our own expression of these 8 personal values of being:

  1. Welcoming 
  2. Clean
  3. Fresh
  4. Abundant
  5. Generous
  6. Spatial Awareness (especially helpful for grown ups to express this and orient children (sub-consciously) to this in their own development 
  7. Attractive
  8.  Healthful


Creating a special kitchen space that is welcoming and comfortable is the beginning of being mindful in our own bodies. A space with enough room, which is well appointed and orderly invites others to be a part of things. The kitchen is a home space for so many pleasantries of conversation, catching up, and family gatherings. We also do work, homework, and play games in our kitchens. Decisions about school, work, life, summer and holiday plans are made. Life is designed from a welcoming space. 

A lack of hospitality brings forth negativity, solitude, disconnectedness, and may lead to stagnant energy in the kitchen.

Cleanliness & Freshness

Clear, clean spaces create a fresh feeling. Energy is flowing in a clean and fresh kitchen. Vitality exudes from cleanliness and freshness. Kitchens can be too clean sometimes, but this is, generally, not the case. Kitchens contain much work during the day and a space of incredible activity. 

Tidying up after every meal will facilitate good energetic flow and also minimize bacteria growth in and around food preparation areas. Simple habits of appreciating cleanliness and freshness is generally all you need to keep your kitchen maintained. Taking 10 minutes to clean dishes and tidy counters, table, and floors can be all you really need (depending upon the mess). If it takes longer than 10 minutes, well, you may find that after 10 minutes, you just keep going until it is complete. 

Learning the tricks of the trade in food preparation minimizes the time it takes to clean up. Enjoy a cooking lesson with a Kitchen Sadhana consultation, take a group cooking class, or watch a simple cooking show to learn some handy tricks for meal prep. Take a few hours daily to spend time in the kitchen. These are precious hours to prepare food that becomes YOU. If you don't have time to do this every day, then try every other day. You can reheat food that you prepare for a few days. 

Abundance & Generosity

These go together. For when we see our kitchen in the light of abundance, we are able to be generous in our kitchen. The Vedic texts outlined sharing food always generously. If we have food, we have enough to share. From our kitchens, we may share meals with family and friends. We can apply this lesson to other ways of sharing with our community and our world. 

Abundance of ingredients is known when we eat with the seasons. Seasonal ingredients teach us about how to be intimate with the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. To eat the Earth's harvest in Spring, for example, means to eat strawberries in many different ways to celebrate this time of our calendar. We may experience feelings of "delicious" to "sweet" to "tangy in the beginning of the season. Toward the end of the season, we may feel sensations of being fatigued with the abundance. 

During these times of late season, we may explore preserving Spring's ingredients to save for a future indulgence. The abundance of the peak or late season lends to a natural generosity and feelings of wealth. This is wonderful place from which to work, as these feelings are cyclical and can ripple into your social circles. 

Spatial Relationships

I have had the opportunity to work with people from varying backgrounds and education. I have worked in kitchens and in leadership capacity. I have learned when I ask two people to do the same thing, I discover the process taken to complete the task is unique to each person. Spatial awareness is a kitchen skill that is tremendously important in professional kitchens. Most commercial kitchen spaces are cozy and any random move or accident can cause injury to a co-worker. Being respectful of your own space is where safety begins. 

Being spatially aware in the kitchen is a practical developmental life skill which is perfect to hone as a child working in the kitchen. Grace and personal awareness fosters great style, which can be developed while preparing meals and tidying up. Sensitivity to the yourself in your own surroundings is important to our development, as cited by Sian Eckersley in the Occupational Therapy for Children blog -- 

Spatial awareness is “a complex cognitive skill that children need to develop at an early age. Spatial awareness does come naturally to most children but some children have difficulties with this skill and there are things that can be done to help improve spatial awareness.
— Sian Eckersley

Being Attractive & Healthy

In nature, beautiful examples of life are chosen first for procreation. It is in our hormones to seek mates who we are naturally attracted to. It is proven cross-culturally that attractive humans tend to be happier and have more rewarding life experiences. Attractive plants tend to be lush and vibrant with perfect leaves and blossoms. In humans, attractiveness is subjective. However, what is important is the overall body fitness and healthy appearance. This is a language from your body that you are vital and full of life. 

Healthy folks will have a healthy clear sheen in skin and hair appearance. Eyes are clear and whites are white. Teeth are clean and gums are not inflamed. A little fat and plump collagen in the face also exudes a healthy glow of happiness and life balance. Toned muscles and visible appearance of fitness in the limbs shows enough movement in daily exercise. 

Kitchen Lifestyle

Establishing a Kitchen Sadhana practice fosters healthy thoughtful food intake. With a balance of mind, body, and spirit practice in the kitchen, this will set a tone with others who take part in being in the kitchen. Creating a joyful space for preparing meals and the host of other activities is a powerful way to cultivate process in our lives.

You may be the kitchen leader. The one who makes all of the meals. You may work with a partner or loved on equally. Others may also be involved in kitchen preparation. Whether children, friends, or elders are in the kitchen with you, learning about food and life is constant. Hearing a good story about the day or discovering a new recipe to try, offers an opportunity to articulate our thoughts and feelings. Share your space generously and discover the connected feelings of community begin in the home environment. 

This is the beginning activities of rippling positive energy into the world. Approaching life toward connectedness will foster relational growth and connect us closer to healing confusion, ignorance, and isolation in the world. May the kitchen be a place of peace and contentment offering nourishment to others. 


Wellness Strategy: Healing Post-Surgery

After surgery, our bodies are on the miraculous adventure of regaining our strength and healing our bodies. Humans are unique and we have an amazing regenerative capability in our tissues. Did you know our liver is the only organ which can regenerate from as little as 25% to its entire mass potential. This is a healthy liver to which I am referring.

Wellness strategies to bounce back from surgery will go a long way in minimizing the recovery period. If we struggle to heal after surgery, our blood is weak and we may be prone to longer periods of recovery and infection. This covers all invasive surgery and tissue healing, in general.

As always, partner with your medical doctor in all aspects of your wellness strategy. Any contraindications to medications are best advised by your physician. Suggestions, here, are general health and wellness additions which foster ease in stress of invasive procedures and also facilitate good blood flow and rich opportunity to relax and repair. Here are a few basic considerations before going in for surgery or any in-office procedure:

Make a plan.

Prepare for your post-op experience with setting up a plan for meals. Do you know someone who can prepare home-cooked soups? If not, make some ahead of time and freeze for eating after surgery.

Ensure that your pantry includes fresh ginger, turmeric, lemons, rice, peas, carrots, and other simple, easy to digest ingredients. Adding flavorings of ginger, turmeric, basil, tarragon, fennel, cumin, coriander, black pepper, and sea salt will stir feelings of hunger and increase your appetite while you are eating. Sometimes after surgery, we may find that we lose moisture and our appetite can wane.

Nourishing our bodies is imperative to the best possible healing of tissues after any procedure or invasive surgery. Liquids of water, tea, soups, coconut water and some juices hydrate and increase the function of our digestive organs. With good hydration, we are better able to absorb nutrients and build good blood. 

Broths & Liquids

Good blood nourishes tissues and organs and is needed for a speedy recovery with no risk of delay or infection. Blood flow and vital healthy blood can be improved with additions of bone broth and small portions of red meat. Additions of liver may be a big boost to instantly improve vitality.  

Vegetarians may find the substitutes of garlic broth with kombu may go far to heal tissues while carrrying a clear conscience into mealtime. However, there is no substitute for the tissues of another animal to revive the energetic mass of tissues which are calibrating to repair and heal post-surgery.

Magical ingredients in broths like these offer boosters to your immunity and provide dynamic support for recuperating. Check out these wonder ingredients:

  • Chag mushrooms
  • Reishi mishrooms
  • Saffron
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
  • Basil
  • Holy basil

Additions of water, and simple easy-to-digest foods give ease to the digestive work your body needs to do to make healthy blood full of nutrients. Warm, simple foods give way to ease digestion. If you have a slow blood pressure, facilitate adding minerals through adding sea salt, ghee, bone broth, sea vegetables. Sources of electrolytes of sodiumpotassiumcalciummagnesium and phosphate also facilitate enzymes to complete reactions in the body (digestion, hormone function, immunity).  These carry electrical charges which elevate the performance of muscles and nerves through stimulation. Electrolytes help to retain the correct amount of water for plump, vital tissues.

If you have high blood pressure, certainly check with your doctor before adding electrolytes. Take a careful approach to partnership with your medical doctor during this critical time of healing well. For those with high blood pressure, additions of cooling liquids like pomegranate, cranberry juice, and coconut water add a cooling nature with additional jolt of nutrition in the required liquids we need to heal ourselves. Coconut water is one of the nutritional best sources of potassium and also includes all of the other electrolytes mentioned above. 

Other water-based food sources to include:

  • Applesauce
  • Banana/date/coconut water smoothie
  • Carrot juice
  • Spa water (water flavored with herbs or fruits)
  • Lemonade
  • Teas of ginger, lemon, lime, chamomile, hibiscus, mint, licorice root, and other herbal varieties

Vitamin D - Vegans can rest happy! 

With the importance of adding electrolytes to our diet to regulation reactions, we can't leave out an important factor in absorbing these effectively to maintain normal blood calcium levels, which build strong tissues, bones, teeth, hair, and eye health. Getting outside in the sun is an effective way to naturally add Vitamin D to our diets. Between a simple routine of going on a daily walk in the sunlight and eating a balanced inclusive of fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel), egg yolks, and fortified juices and milk.

If you are a vegan, you'll need need to add mushrooms to get a healthy food source with good dose of Vitamin D. Maitake and portabello contain more Vitamin D per IU than fatty fish. This is a great reason to embrace mushrooms in your diet, even when taken as tea. 

Oftentimes, the elderly also need to be out in the sun, as time indoors can be safe for those with limited mobility. Ayurveda teaches us that year-round time outdoors offers opportunities for fresh air, connecting with the elements, and orienting to nature is a healthful activity. Vitamin D and enhanced healing can be a great benefit to daily time outdoors. 

Food Combine for optimum digestive fire (agni).

Be mindful of food combinations and the order in which you eat a variety of foods. During this special time of post-operative care, be careful of incompatible foods as outlined here. Some food combinations which are produce ama and are not well known and commonly part of American diet are these:

  • Fruit are incompatible with all dairy, fish, and eggs.
  • Hot drinks with fruit, yogurt, fish.
  • Beans and fish (watch out for fish tacos).
  • Eggs with bananas, milk, fish, cheese (watch out for banana bread and caesar salad)
  • AVOID nightshades: tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, all peppers (these can be acidic, starchy, and difficult to digest) -- these are also incompatible with dairy, cucumber, and melon (watch out for Greek Salad, tomato-watermelon feta salad)

Rest & Relaxation

Rest and relaxation are important in the early days of recuperation. Allowing time to heal and rejuvenate naturally, we must rest. When a few days have past, it is important to get moving. Again, partnering with your doctor care team is important during this time. 

Moving the body facilitates continuous blood flow, avoiding stagnation of energy and is the best action to take in healing. Simple movements of standing, walking, and shifting weight from one leg to the other can offer a balancing treatment of healthful activity. As you improve your strength, your activity will increase naturally as you heal. Offering yourself time to work through pain and know that it won't always be like this is important for your mental health. A breathing and meditation practice can help detach from pain and elevate your moment-to-moment experience. 


Enjoy the company of visitors and friends. Being social is uplifting and builds strong relationships. Bonding with friends and family during this vulnerable time will deepen relationships and help you feel supported during a time when you really need it. Accept company for short visits and let them know you need rest after a good chat and catch up. Enjoy feeling admired and cared for. 

At this unique time, you may need to splurge a bit and hire folks to help you. Friends and family can only do so much. It may be time to reach out online for services to help make life easier during these weeks and months after surgery. Adding a meal delivery service like San Francisco's Good Eggs or even Amazon can alleviate grocery visits. There are a myriad of meal services in almost every area of the country. My dear sister let me know that she enjoys Hello Fresh in my hometown area of rural Tennessee. It has never been simpler to make your life a little easier! 

Well Pantry services are available in San Francisco. We provide needed support to individuals seeking to curate ingredients to optimize healing during this fragile time of recuperation. Check out our Pre & Post Surgery package to enjoy the luxury of meal preparation in your home. Food prepared in your home offers the freshest ingredients with little consideration of time-temperature matters of food safety. At this time of healing, eating foods prepared outside of the home open up risks to immune-compromised individuals like a post-surgery patient. 






Spring Cleanse affecting mind, body, and spirit.

As I finishing easing out of a deep cleanse, I discover a more vibrant appearance. Blood is flowing and my cheeks seem rosy. Going into a deep cleanse with lots of broth and teas, I included more twists in yoga and times of rest. To recharge the mind and spirit, I sat in my garden, weeded, and played with my children. These simple activities evoked energy from inside my body. The hormonal responses rippling through my veins help me feel more grounded emotions. 

I enjoyed the clarity of thought and deeper reflection allowed for a ripening of detail in the projects to which I am attending. Greater progress feels imminent. I have feelings of evenness. This is a welcome emotion, as I am often functioning in a problem solving, adrenaline-rushed busy urban lifestyle. 

I have done cleanses on my own over the years and this one was deeper in austerity. This time I tried Yogidetox in a group forum with other yogis, I received empathy from fellow Yogidetoxers. Some have participated in this for several years. Our leader, Cate Stillman, this is her official 16th year doing the cleanse. With all of this cleansing experience, it helped to keep my integrity pure during this cleanse. A friend of mine invited me to do this cleanse. Soko is a mentor to me. She continues with this program every year because she studied yoga and Ayurveda with Cate in San Francisco. It is a small world!

Through Yogidetox and Cate Stillman's other teachings, I have learned even more about mentorship and dynamic group environments . She is an online guru and she brings Ayurveda to us through a magnificent online forum and free content. Supported within the group, I felt comfortable sharing unique-to-me feelings and learned that others could empathize with me. I

In my own reflections upon exercise, I learned that my body is in good alignment. Yay~ this is good for bone performance. Maintaining good energy in the comportment of our bodies, allows better energy flow without stagnation. Stagnation = poor energy and blood flow and can settle into different chakras or areas of the body. Good posture allows for fluid energy flow from the universe into you, and from you into the universe. When flow is in discord, stagnation can happen and you will be on a track for aches, pains, and illness. 

A genuine fast cleanses the body, mind and soul. It crucifies the flesh and to that extent sets the soul free.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Adding a seasonal cleanse to our diet, allows an opportunity to shift samskaras. Samskaras, in Sanskrit, is known as "the wheel of life", or "daily habits or rituals", or "mental expression or recollection or physiological imprint". Shifting samskaras, creates fresh newness to our lives. We will emanate vitality in our appearance.

Have you ever been struck by someone being negative, slow, sad, and/or down in their behavior? Of course, you have, we all know someone like this. Then, time goes forward and you see them in a year's time. You notice that something amazing has happened and they seem like a brand new person. They have a new skip in their step. They are positive and striving for connection. This reflects a shift in samskara toward vitality and positivity.

At the end of this cleanse, I realize the best changes that I notice are in my emotional sensitivities. I have had vivid dreams in the past three weeks. New awarenesses in taste, hunger, and nuances I don't normally experience were illuminating to new truths.

The deep part of my cleanse was last week. In reflection, I have a deeper awareness of the simple daily ritual at only 3 meal times, allows the building and stoking of good digestive fire. During this week, I ate oatmeal, quinoa, and millet porridge in the mornings. Lunch and dinner was a mostly liquid diet of things like:

  • bone broth with small amounts of Ayurvedic herbs,
  • dandelion root and greens from my garden
  • lavender and saffron tea to warm and calm the body and mind
  • lemon water (warm to hot) to ignite the digestive fire and maintain good pH in your stomach for improved nutrient absorption
  • salty water to replenish minerals and facilitate elimination
  • coffee nearly every day to maintain my addiction an stay out of anxiety about not being able to have and also to facilitate elimination

Through elimination, we facilitate the moving on of toxins and undigested ama (stagnated undigested food, emotions, environmental toxins lingering in our system). From all of this toxin release, I feel these benefits in my body.  Visible signs of purging (acne and inflammation) have returned to healed skin. I had bad breath and was a bit funky in in arm pits. My kids told me so. I didn't use hair products and used minimal skin serums and creams. I tend to over do it with these and what I noticed with this cleanse, my skin is more vibrant and bright. I am presenting more vibrant appearance from within through: a healthy sheen and good skin tone with rosy cheeks. 

Last week during the deep cleanse, my skin developed a healthy sheen, but looked darker than usual in appearance. This is a sign of adrenal fatigue. Hormones coursing through my body are also helping to excrete toxins out of my skin's pores.  Hydrating continuously throughout the day was refreshing and seemed correct during this time of fasting. Additions of natural electrolytes in coconut water & salty water helped. I found hot or warm water to be quenching and often I didn't take tea or herbs. The warm water was felt stirring and warming my blood almost instantly. 

An increased feeling, a coming to the senses offers a deeper awareness is stimulating and uplifting.

An increased feeling, a coming to the senses offers a deeper awareness is stimulating and uplifting. I also experience times when leaning into these feelings, I sometimes become frustrated, tired, and grumpy. Sometimes I would feel pride in exploring my emotions in this way and would feel the energy of living in the flow of nature. The heightened sensory awareness allows me to understand the nuance and complications of life with peace of mind that this will also change. 

Not seeking an evening glass of wine or alcohol to relax, I enjoyed the nourishment of a mango lassi, water with wedges of citrus slices, and bubble water. This cleansing was a practice of relaxation and reflection for me. I enjoyed my time more fully with my family. I found that the company of my husband and children were very welcome and comfortable. This was lovely, as I sometimes become beleaguered with domestic life. Vital to our health and well-being, relaxation and reflection allow us to recharge and absorb all of the nuances of living a complicated lush and satisfying life.

Meditation is a daily habit for me. I can always find a way to sit for five minutes. If five minutes go by perhaps just a few more minutes. Once you get into a routine of meditation, you want to make sure you can take time every day to sit. I find that the benefits are exponential compared to the time invested. Daily practice allows me to sink into my zone of balancing the mind more quickly and without too much ceremony. With this cleanse, I found that I was tired in the mornings. It felt better to rest more than my morning yoga/meditation routine. This turned out to really affect how my days went. Without this centering and grounding ritual, it affected my day more than I could have imagined. At this point, being able to check in with the online forum, was incredibly supportive, as I simply felt vulnerable and could feel pent up emotions rippling through and out of my body. This was apparent to me in a way that I have never felt! Wow.

I am now re-entering my regularly scheduled life and taking care to introduce simple additions of foods to my diet through sauces and liquified foods. I made a radical carrot soup yesterday and re-discovered the art of poaching foods in their own juices or oil. Flavorful and robust, these simple ways to add flavor have been a great addition to the continuation of broths and teas. Adding a little corn tortilla and I had a little foccacia yesterday.  It felt so filling. Wheat and corn expand inside our stomachs and the cells continue expanding, until thoroughly digested.

I have been enjoying a fun weekend of baking scones, and making gnocchi for houseguests. I have also tempered these indulgences with dandelion greens and stinging nettles to continue facilitating the cleansing ritual and also take advantage of the naturally seasonal ingredients which are part of a good spring cleanse and a healthy diet. 

Springtime, post-cleanse, this is a perfect time to explore new practices in my kitchen. Kitchen Sadhana practice of healthy foods and ingredients from which to work. Kitchen Sadhana is a beautifying opportunity to create a space where you love to work to nourish others. It takes time to perform well in fun kitchen activities like: cooking, tasting, cleaning, and creating nourishing food. Discover the domestic magic which nourishes, makes memories, and delights the body.

Continuing these cleansing habits in all areas of life: mind, body, and spirit -- will allow for ease in energy flow through life. It is very much like maintaining a vehicle. Daily and regular maintenance allows for long and lasting performance. Stagnant energy can build up over time, but is difficult to do with discipline in diet, exercise and meditation. 

Applying mindful cleansing rituals to our daily habits prepare us for the seasonal shifts in a powerful way. Looking ahead to an Autumnal Cleanse and understanding the path from today to then will include daily habits of cleansing foods, and a dedicated yoga and meditation practice to spur along ease in energy flow and thwart stagnation from settling into the body's tissues. 

How to prevent progression of a chronic illness.

Vitality and strong immunity is a natural state for healthy humans. Maintenance of good health and vitality is the best course of action to sustain the good state of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Those who have the good fortune of experiencing ease and fresh vitality may be oblivious to signs and symptoms of imbalance, which may lead to progression of a chronic illness.

Ayurveda is an energetic science or philosophy passed down orally and then captured in Sanskrit writings from early sages and shaped by early religions steeped in nature for the past 5,000 years. Part of the first documented writings of humans, Ayurveda brings a study of life that has been proven for thousands of years to promote a healthful balanced state of being. The state of balance is ideal and enhances, both, our current state, as well as traits we are born. At conception, we are perfectly matter with DNA potential. This state is known as prakruti. Once we are conceived, our bodies are in a perpetual state of adaptation to our environment, also known as vikruti. 

Adaptation is a human animal condition, to which we may or may not give focus. Adaptation needs little thought, because your body is naturally doing this every moment of the day. For example, when you are in a sunny spot for long enough, your skin may burn or develop more melatonin to adapt to the sun’s exposure. The change of color and feel of the skin is your body’s language that you need to protect your skin to create balance in your skin’s health.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."  -- Charles Darwin

Becoming sensitive to this kind of body language and understanding your unique body’s language are the keys to preventing the progression of chronic illness. We may not always receive body language through signs and symptoms, but often times we do receive these signals. Being aware and educating yourself about these signs and symptoms is a gift not only to you, but a gift to those who you love. The longer we can live productive healthful lives, the more quality time and joy we can share with our loved ones and our community, at large. 

Understanding balance.

When in balance, we feel energetic, awake, fresh, and bright. Our outlook is positive, and we have a plan for our days. When out of balance, we may have too much or too little energy. We may be too involved or lethargic. It may be difficult to get out of the bed, or we may stay up too late in the evenings. These are signs of imbalance and over the long term, will lead to a state of compromised immunity. If left unchecked, these signs (your body's unique language) will most likely lead to a chronic illness. 

In our current state of Western culture, you may find these realities to be accepted. The realities of staying up too late, working unnatural shifts, or accepting lethargy or an existence of low energy. Culturally, those around us may need to maintain steady adrenaline from an overactive lifestyle, while others may be coping with depression through taking Western medicine. These tactics are adaptive in nature for survival.  

Are these adaptive measures promoting health and vitality? Surviving on adrenal will lead to adrenal fatigue or dysfunction and affect every other organ affected by the thyroid and adrenal glands. Anti-depressants are taken with the acceptance of side effects which may last long term and are unnatural to a baseline state of being. These are examples of survival in our modern world. 

Perhaps this is the real question: How do we adapt to our modern life while also promoting health and vitality? This is a question that propels our adaptation into evolution. Adaptation is a natural state of being. It is constant and fluid whether we are ready for it or not. When we experience too much or too little energy, we are in a state of imbalance. Imbalance creates stagnant, depleted, or burning energy. 

Energetic and elemental qualities in nature are part of the matter and DNA that our bodies are made of, known as our constitution. Our constitution or nature is defined in the three doshas: pitta, vata, and kapha. This is a truth and you don't have to believe it or be in disbelief, as it continues. Understanding energetic science or philosophy is helpful to deconstruct the process of inflammation, which is the crux of chronic illness. Inflammation is a product of burning energy, known as pitta. One of the three doshas of Ayurveda. Let's examine all of these here:

  1. Pitta dosha is the fire and water elements. Pitta expresses intelligence, energetic drive, charisma, and executive functioning. When pitta is out of balance, inflammation is imminent and presents itself as pain, redness, swelling, acne, headaches, digestive disorders, cancer, and in a myriad of other signs and symptoms. Strong bodies with muscle definition are pitta dominant. 
  2. Vata dosha is the air and ether elements. Vata expresses creativity, lightness, ethereal ease and could almost always use some grounding. When out of balance, vata presents flighty behavior, absent-mindedness, over-sharing, clumsiness, excitedness, and can lead to destructiveness, lack of control, lack of focus. In the body, vata presents a being of underweight, dry tissues: constipation and colon disorders, creaking joints, arthritis, thin, dry and wrinkly skin, leading to inflammation of body's tissues and organs. Light and lean bodies are vata dominant. 
  3. Kapha dosha is the water and earth elements. When in balance kapha expresses stability, affection, nurturance, stamina, good memory, and groundedness. When out of balance, kapha dosha presents symptoms of being overweight, obesity, depression, congestion, colds, hay fever, boredom, sluggishness, learning struggles, nervous system disruption. Round beautiful bodies are kapha dominant. 

Ideally, each person has the capability of being tri-doshic, encompassing some of each energetic quality. Throughout our days, we will experience a dominant energy at any given moment, depending upon how we are navigating in our lifestyle. Prakruti is the beginnings of human potential. This is the state of the matter and DNA, which come together during conception, encompassing the energy that brought the two beings together. Including the lunar and astrological calendar, and all elemental influence of local weather and time of day, prakruti is part of many variables in the universe. Development and continued adaptation to life in the womb presents vikruti, which is known as our current state, or state of imbalance. Drawing from prakruti, we understand our initial potential. When we understand our dominant vikruti, consideration of our prakruti allows us to define ways of seeking balance. 

My personal experience.

I was conceived with vata energy. I am the product of an unplanned pregnancy. Luckily my parents were married and offered some structure after I was born.  As a child, my vikruti continued as vata dominant. This was presented as I have a medical history many childhood illnesses, light weight, poor digestion, and full of anxiety. As an adult, my vikruti has shifted to pitta. I have pursued leadership, fundraising, and very driven positions. Working as a pastry chef, I enjoyed collaborative leadership and directing of others. This was a good partner with my baseline vata prakruti, as it presents as creative, light, quick, and multi-tasking. However, in recent years, my pitta vikruti has presented opportunity for burn-out, overworking, driving too hard for initiatives and I have experienced chronic illness. Press wood, this is my first experience with this and it has been a challenge. 

After consulting with multiple celebrated doctors, I found myself immersed in the mystery of what was happening with my signs and symptoms. Was it an allergy? Did I have a scary life-threatening illness? How do I recover? Is this related to being in my mid-40's? After blood tests, and follow ups, no one had the best answer. I was told an out-of-pocket expense (I have great PPO insurance, mind you), would be $1,500 to have an conclusive allergy test to know what I may be allergic. This seemed to be a poor use of resources and I decided to become my own patient. I am still working with my Ayurvedic practitioner to refine lifestyle and herbal actions to adapt to my current state, and this has been the best course of action by far, after experiencing signs and symptoms of inflammation for the last 8 months. 

Adaptive lifestyle = self awareness.

Understanding our bodies' baseline energy allows us to better manage how we comport ourselves and take care of ourselves in a way that promotes good health. Chronic illness takes time to develop and having a connectedness to our own personal nature allows us to see signs and symptoms before the development of chronic illness comes forward. Some things are out of our control: pollution, unknown factors, congenital, and family history. These can lead to hereditary and unexplained illness. That is not what this blog post is about. Elements out of our control can present opportunities to better understand our bodies. We can offer adaptive lifestyle measures to maximize our daily existence and healthful potential.

Without a connection to our daily habits and body functions we are victims of our own lives. Some things are out of our control. However, we design our own lifestyles by circumstance or by intentional behavior. With this in mind, we can hone in on five energy-enhancing habits to prevent chronic illness from beginning. If you have a chronic illness, adding these five habits will help create balance and realize your body's maximum potential. 

  1. Breathe. Oxygen is essential to sustaining life. Breathing oxygenates our tissues and offers a life force that is both calming and meditative. Yogis take part in elevated actions of breathing like pranayama, creating a cooling sensation and benefiting from the body's response by enhancing synapses in the brain, and improved cardiovascular health. Breathing is a simple activity and when done with others can unify and support groups of individuals. Improved oxygen eases our bodies' functions and allows for healing repair of tissues, which our bodies do naturally when we sleep. 
  2. Exercise. Movement is critical to organ and tissue function. Simple walking and yoga improve our bodies' digestion and offer improved simple alignment to our skeletons to hold our tissues in place. Over time, our bodies are pulled by gravity and may be misshapen from lack of movement. Proper organ placement allows for maximum potential function and ease in moving pain free. 60% of our bodies' energy is dedicated to digesting food. Let's consider this, more than half of our energy is used to absorb nutrients and excrete waste from our bodies. Exercise increases our energy and moves our bodies to facilitate and ease digestion, as well as spend and build energy in a balanced way. 
    • Exercise is also the best opportunity to check in with your body's performance. Are you feeling bloated? Does your shin ache? Do you have lower back pain? Do you notice that you feel stronger or weaker in your arms or legs? Connecting with yourself through exercise helps you gauge what you may need to adjust in your daily diet and routine. 
  3. Feel hungry. Routine meals are a means to restore and maintain good agni, our bodies' source of fire and intelligence. Agni is considered a life force and critically important to our overall health. Tapping into this feeling of hunger refines our energy on a cellular level, as agni discerns which substances enter our cells and tissues, and which substances should be removed as waste. Maintaining a routine with meal times (2-3 daily, depending upon your constitution), eliminating snacks, and sipping water or tea between meals fuels the fire to perform at your highest potential. Clarity in your diet will result in clarity in your mind, as well. 
  4. Meditate. An exercise for the brain and clearing the clutter in our thoughts optimizes brain performance. When practicing daily meditation on a long term basis, we eventually experience the benefits of meditation in our day to day lives through intentionality. With benefits reaching beyond the calming of our mind and bodies to the greatest potential of blossoming as social beings and elevating our local and global communities. A daily meditation practice has been found to offer a source of strength to those experiencing chronic illness and PTSD. Generously giving yourself this opportunity to develop a practice as a well person, allows for strength building in the mind and the capacity to calm the body to reduce inflammation and be strong in our personal constitutions striving for balance. 
  5. Rest and reflect. An early bed time is the best course of action to reset our routines. Finding the discipline to organize our lives in the circadian rhythm of nature aligns our bodies with living things in our natural environment. Humans are diurnal in nature, as are so many animals. Reflecting upon the day at sun's set and resting with the moon's light offers mental organization and natural support to our organs. Upon night fall, the human body is oriented to rest, refresh, rebuild and heal tissues. Allowing the unique needs of your body to rest 6 - 10 hours daily at night sets yourself up for optimum digestive and tissue performance. Protecting your digestive performance in this way enables all of the nutrients from the fresh organic foods you've eaten (hopefully) to be absorbed with maximum potential. This daily routine is critical for long term vitality. 
    • Reflecting upon the day and quite literally, resting your eyes in the mirror upon our personal appearance is another opportunity to check in with yourself. Do you have circles under your eyes? You may need more sleep. Is your hair shiny or dull? You may need more protein or good oils in your diet. Do you look bloated or gaunt? You may need to add more fruits, vegetables, or proteins to your diet. Do you have cracks on your tongue? You may need to hydrate more often. 

Seasonal shifts require adaptation.

With these five actions in mind, you may have lifestyle flaws that must be considered or need adjustment. Adaptation to your daily lifestyle is important, but can only go so far for long term health. The habit of a busy lifestyle must be adjusted according to the season, which will offer the natural inclinations of activities in this way: 

  • Winter offers more time at home and we are not as active.
  • Spring presents difficulty in getting back to a regenerative, livelier time in life.
  • Summer is highly active and an exciting time of the year.
  • Fall is a preparation for Winter's slowing down. 

With these seasonal shifts, our bodies are in a constant mode of adaptation. The five habits of breathing, exercising, good agni, meditation, and rest each develop a resource of equilibrium from which to draw. Chronic illness can come on slowly with signs and symptoms from your body's unique-to-you personal language. You are the expert about what is happening in your body and will be your best advocate during your annual check up with your physician or practitioner. 

Journal to relate to yourself and others. 

Using these daily habits to deepen your reflection in a journal will be beneficial for years to come. Keeping a daily personal health journal including an outline of your daily meals, exercise, sensations you feel after eating and moving, personal health goals, and concerns to share with your medical or Ayurvedic practitioner will offer a completeness in your dialogue and relationship. After keeping a journal for one year, you will be able to reference continuing concerns you may have that come up each season. Reviewing this during a time of reflection will help you stay on the path of preventing chronic illness and developing your wellness practice.

Many productive and self-aware people practice the habit of journaling for self reflection. Deepening the connection with yourself and learning your unique body language is building a foundation to support these five habits to prevent chronic illness. Carving out this time to develop a personal wellness practice is the best investment of time for relating to yourself, those you love, and your local community. 




Connect with the nature of Spring and detoxify.

Spring is a natural time of year for the body to cleanse itself from excess fat intake over the winter months. Lighter flavors present themselves in nature in late Winter with citrus fruit abundance in the markets. At the height of this season now, varieties like Cara Cara, Blood Orange, and Satsuma are plentiful at this time and so delicious and mildly sweet. Upon digestion, citric acids act as a cell cleaner, brightening and cleansing the digestive tract. Adding warm lemon water, helps facilitate this natural cleansing action.

Yogis take this natural opportunity to deepen this natural season of cleansing through Yin Yoga, eating modest foods, and simplifying the days with self-nurturance. Taking care to help yourself with this natural transition of new life in nature facilitates adapting to the seasonal shifts with ease. 

It can be helpful to add supplemental water to your diet, as your body is better able to rid of natural toxins that have built up over the rich diet of Fall and Winter. All animals in nature do this, as new life presents natural ingredients to cleanse our palettes and digestive tracts for more active outdoor lifestyles.

Taking a moment to appreciate your animal nature evokes a sense of calm and peace. This is an anti-inflammatory activity, stimulating the thyroid in all the right ways, and balancing hormones. Inducing production of dopamine, connecting with nature has the potential to become an addictive behavior, which may not be such a terrible one to have.

Being a part of a natural awakening to warmer days and easier life outdoors is a simple way to detoxify your mind from the continuous onslaught of problem-solving, scheduling, and to-do lists. Clearing your mind on a regular basis throughout the day is a cleansing ritual that is maybe more important than drinking a green smoothie.

Adding seasonal flavors to your days, drinking more water, and eliminating alcohol and processed foods is an act of self nurturance which would offer brilliant results to your body also be a cleansing time with the benefits of detoxifying your body's matter on a cellular level.

Deepening this practice with restorative yoga postures and deep twists, gives way to release of toxins. With greater awareness of cellular detoxification, providing benefits to joints, skin, hair, and muscle performance. You can see and feel the difference in your appearance and so do others. Your body is working with more energy and quite literally vibrating positive clean energy into the world. 

अम, Sanskrit for ama, is defined as "that which is not digested", toxin, poison, and other ways of expressing this important term in Ayurveda. Spring and Autumn are the months to cleanse and remove ama. Energetically, this presents stagnant energy. obstacles to overcome, headaches, and undigested food. Understanding these signs and symptoms and knowing when it is time to deepen the Earth's natural cleansing cycle, helps elevate your personal body's performance.

I am doing Yogidetox cleanse with a kind friend who invited me. Cate Stillman is inspiring and I am happy to be a part of this 2018 cleanse. I am deepening this natural cleansing time through home Spring cleaning and beautifying our space. I am taking longer walks and playing with our dog, Luna.

I took this photo cacti growing wild on a hillside. I look forward to these blooms every year and can't help but wonder if I could forage some of the petals to make a tea. I need to research this! However, the beauty of these rare blooms are magnetic and offer a positive visual and energetic experience for all around them.

Drinking lemon water, and simmering pots of rose geranium leaves and rosemary is freshening my personal diet. Adding more dynamic bone broths, including brahmi and ashwagandha and taking broth as tea is offering collagen-infused hydration that is nourishing to tissues and cellular plumping. Hydrating through out the day with diuretic drinks like hibiscus tea, green, parsley, and dandelion helps facilitate elimination of ama, or toxins. Replenishing with natural electrolytes in coconut water and adding sea salt to bites of food is important, as the diuretic effects can be depleting without proper additional nourishment. Dates seem to offer the right amount of sweet to satisfy and keep me interested in maintaining a cleansing state for a few weeks. 

Being a part of the Yogidetox online group, allows for deeper connections with myself, as I reflect in the group. I learn from others and feel supported in the nuances of heightened sensory awareness and development. This can produce emotions that are unfamiliar and it is great to see these as common with other group members. 

In nature, sensory awareness and development is a desired activity, as we become better able to survive through heightened awareness. Sharpening our senses benefits your personal experience and brain performance. This is an important ritual at a time in human history when we are continually distracted with technology and communication devices. At no other time has there been so many ways to reach OUT to others in the world. Balancing this orientation to the outside world with additional opportunities to turn inward with appreciation and simple awareness is important for optimum human performance and individual longevity. 

Consider how you are already naturally cleansing in the world and reach out to me to learn how I can help you revive your pantry and develop a seasonal kitchen sadhana practice to enliven your senses and home life. 


Bolster brain performance & skin appearance with Brahmi.

ब्रह्मि, Sanskrit for Brahmi. This herb is also known as Bacopa, Babies tear, Bacopa monnieri, Hespestis monniera, Nirbrahmi, Indian Pennywort, Jalanevari and water hyssop are the other names that are used for Brahmi. In English it is commonly called as the 'Herb of Grace'. Hindu meanings of "the power of immense being", "the energy of universal consciousness", and the "creative energy or intelligence of the universe". hint to the brilliant benefits from taking this herbal action. Brahmi was the name derivation for Lord Brahmi.

Native to North India and grows wild in marshy areas near streams and ponds, this plant is easy to propagate and is cultivated for medicinal use. The oval-shaped leaves are used as tea or in powder form or capsules. Adaptive in nature, this is a known body adaptogen, used to improve the health of the adrenal system, the system that's in charge of managing your body's hormonal response to stress. Brahmi grows in both the sun and shade. Interestingly, this is known to be a favorite food of elephants. 

Historically, Brahmi has been used by yogis to enhance meditation and in traditional Indian medicines for centuries. for the treatment of bronchitis, chronic cough, asthma, hoarseness, arthritis, rheumatism, backache, fluid retention, blood cleanser, chronic skin conditions, constipation, hair loss, fevers, digestive problems, depression, mental and physical fatigue and many more. It is used to treat all sorts of skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, abscess and ulceration. It stimulates the growth of skin, hair and nails. It is taken to get relief from stress and anxiety. Rich in Vitamin C, It is also high in Vitamin B and K, magnesium, and calcium. It has been found to be extremely effective for wound healing and tissue repair - even being used in India to treat second and third degree burns. A powerful antioxident, it has been reported to reduce oxidation of fats in the blood stream, which is the risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Brahmi is considered as the main rejuvenating herb for the nerve and brain cells. Traditionally used to promote the intellect, enhance mental performance, and support proper function of the nervous system. The leaves are highly sattvic (pure, harmonious) and historically have been eaten by yogis to assist in meditation. Brahmi is said to improve concentration, memory, and alertness. It is a natural blood purifier and helps support clear, healthy skin. Brahmi is also famous for promoting healthy, lustrous hair and is often applied as an oil to enhance appearance. The herb is cooling and relaxing, making it an excellent tonic for pitta. It also calms vata in the mind and reduces excess kapha in the body.

Those with predisposition to anxiety and nervousness would do well to include Brahmi on a long term basis. Though this is a tri-doshic herb offering better body performance, there are contraindications for those predisposed to diabetes, on cholesterol controlling drugs, pregnant or those with over-active thyroid. This is a common drug given to children in India to enhance brain performance and enhanced potential. It is important to work with your doctor and someone trained to understand herbal actions. 

Contact me to explore this and landscape of herbs, tinctures, and essentials to enhance your body's performance. An Ayurveda Consultation is a great beginning to developing a Well Pantry lifestyle approach to curate your meals and fine tune your daily experience. 

Blossom this year.

The time is now to take charge of your health. Spring blossoms remind us of the change in our lives and new life is ready to take shape. Eating lighter, sattvic foods, the earth naturally presents us with ingredients like nettles, dandelion greens, mushrooms, and strawberries to add a cleansing quality to our digestion. This cleansing effect in our digestion can be welcome or may be impeded by imbalance. 

The natural shift in nature is leading us to be lighter and rid ourselves of toxins, or ama, Sanskrit meaning "that which is undigested". Ama can present itself as stagnant energy in headaces, brain fog, creaky joints, acne, eczema, and more. Removing ama restores balance and is a simple act that begins in the kitchen. Adding revitalizing ingredients and supporting with nourishing juices and water enables your body to do what it does naturally. 

Yoga poses, extra rest, dynamic activity, and time for tranquility are self-care practices bringing out the best in this time yielding natural stress and change on the body. 

 Standing out, these two types of scented geraniums complement one another with their unique vitality. common in san francisco, geraniums exude natural essential oils to promote vitality and beauty. 

Standing out, these two types of scented geraniums complement one another with their unique vitality. common in san francisco, geraniums exude natural essential oils to promote vitality and beauty.