Energy Influencer ~ Maximize your intake and output

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Energy affects how we feel, look and behave. We encounter the world with the energy we bring into it. Our energy is like a mirror into our overall well being. The way we move is an articulation of the energy flowing through us or energy that is stagnant. Depleted energy can easily show itself in appearance of skin, eyes, and our demeanor. 

It can be the case that we need to pause and analyze our energy and how we expend it. We may encounter times when we must pace our energy and be careful of the flow of intake and output. Minding our diet in relationship with our dosha needs and being present in our bodies to understand our daily personal needs for the body is a best practice for preserving our health.

Influencing our own personal experience ripples into our relationships, community, and our world. So many rely on us to offer our best influence in these parts of our lives. It is important to not only create positive energy in our bodies, but, too, that we emanate positive energy into the universe. The best place to begin crafting the experience of influencing positivity is to in a mindfulness practice.

Once we are able to be mindful of what is happening in our bodies, we are able to have a deeper inner-personal relationship. Crafting a self-care practice to preserve our energy and to be our beautiful, intelligent, healthful, sparkly, and dynamic selves will bring wealth to ourselves and those around us. Carving out time in our day to craft this kind of self-care practice enables us to perform at our best and respond to others in our best comportment.

Not performing or responding at your best?

It's time to have a personal retreat. Get up one hour earlier and spend this time on YOU. Take time to exercise, stretch, develop a breathing practice, rub your feet. Spend extra time grooming and give extra attention to how you floss your teeth, scrape your tongue, groom your eyebrows, or polish your fingernails. 

After moving and grooming a bit, drink a glass of water and sit. Allocate some time to meditate and center your body with your mind -- your spirit will follow and you will begin the day in the best possible way. Giving yourself an opportunity to literally create some pliable and attractive space into your day will be reflected in your appearance. 

When we feel we look our best, we are better able to perform and respond to others in an optimal way. This kind of practice is the beginning of crafting a deep personal practice and creating depth in our daily experience. Disciplined activities which offer continuity, routine, and strength develop resilience and allow us to build and sustain energy in our minds and spirits. 

Nourish & Rest 

After this early morning practice, do you feel rested? If the answer is no, then going to bed earlier is the beginning of maximizing your body's energy. An earlier bedtime gives way to opportunity to enhance and develop REM sleep. This is the time of rest when we dream and allow our subconscious to express itself (also great nourishment for our mental health). This is also the kind of sleep which offers regenerative activity to our digestion and healing processes.

Getting to bed early is preceded by an earlier and lighter dinner. Completing meals before 7PM, allows us to be in the circadian rhythm with our environment. Resting before 10PM allows your body the time to completely digest, absorb nutrients, and build energy stores for the following day's problem solving and activities.

Continue in this act of generosity to yourself and take time to meal plan and strategize ingredients for your own personal dosha is the best approach to creating a flow in your diet and energy intake. What foods, how we combine these foods, and when we eat these foods are critical in how efficiently our body digests and absorbs nutrients from the matter we eat. Check out these basic tips for maximizing your nourishment:

  • Begin the day with warm water. Adding lemon or lime is a healing action here. 
  • Eat a protein rich breakfast. This can be a lighter meal. Caffeine can be ok at this point in the day.
  • Drink only water between meals. Flavored water with herbs, citrus, or other fruits are ok. Do not eat between meals. 
  • Make lunch the heaviest meal of your day. Take time to rest after this meal and properly digest foods. 
  • Again, drink only water between meals. Flavored water with herbs, citrus, or other fruits are ok. Do not eat between meals. 
  • Complete dinner before 7PM. This can be a lighter meal. Abstain from heavy desserts at this time and be careful when including alcohol, which can deplete energy.

Consider basic tips for food combining:

  • Do not mix dairy, meat, or fish with any fruit.
  • Include more healthy oils like hemp, flax, grape seed, and coconut oils.
  • Consider minimizing wheat gluten products to one meal a day or even less. Wheat products are difficult to digest and a steady diet of wheat presents inflammation which can zap energy.
  • Consider abstaining from alcohol and caffeine. These alter energetic shifts and create stress in the body, which in the end, will deplete your overall feelings of positive energy.
  • Add micronutrients and superfoods to your diet to enhance your metabolism and increase energetic feelings. 

Develop Deep Breathing

Develop your intake of oxygen and feel the difference in your daily experience. When we practice deep breathing we expand our lungs. When we continue a deep breathing practice over days, weeks, and months, we develop more energy, simply because we have a greater capacity in our bodies to house and flow oxygen in and out. 

Encounter the company of anyone who has a serious deep breathing practice and experience the intensity of an energetically intentional person. Some practice heightened performing actions of breathing like pranayama (in one nostril and out the other), holotropic breathing (an intentional state of short and long breaths to create a euphoric experience), Kundalini's breath of fire exercises can also create a state of expansion and lightness of being, and there are others, I am sure I am unaware of. The nature of intentionality in breathing and sitting to breath offers a pointedness to this action which develops the internal experience. This kind of practice, whichever we choose to develop creates rhythmic flow of energy to allow a maximum potential of positive experience to be inside and to flow outside of our bodies. 

Yoga Flow of Energy

Develop a yoga practice and you are following the routine of yogis from 5,000 years ago. While lineages and curated disciplines have developed in this range of time, the basic yoga sutras have carried forward and have been tested by humans for thousands of years. Fall into the line of tradition and feel the strength and connectivity to yogis from history. 

Sun salutations offer a flow of energy directed as intake from the sun. Whether we visualize the sun, or line up our bodies to face the sun, we take in the solar energy which warms our earth and lights up our skies. Connecting with nature, quite literally, grounds us and gives us an alignment with supportive natural energy from our universe. 

Incorporating breath work and mindful breathing into our practice develops a conduit of moving energy from our nostrils into areas of our body which needs to clear stagnant energy. Through stretching, breathing, and a flow of motion, we can literally move energy through and out of our bodies to allow for clearing chakras. To align and clear our chakras, we give ourselves the opportunity to receive positive energy from nature and other beings.

Develop a practice.

Follow these energy influencing activities daily and develop an energy influencing way about you. Feel the positive nature attracted to you. Discover good luck and positive responses from others. Be a conduit of positivity yourself and connect others with positive influence. 

Continuation in a practice allows for resiliency when life presents challenges. With these practices we discover the balance of nature as a teacher for how to continue to build and develop our practice. Beginning the path of connecting with ourselves offers the awareness and intuition to know when things are special and to seize opportunities.

When we can seize opportunities we become an influencer to others and build a positive life force in our world. We feel the abundance in our lives and can leverage this to create more abundance for all around us. Taking time to center ourselves in our bodies maximizes our personal energy flow to influence all parts of our world. 


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