Connect Mind, Body, and Spirit to establish balance.

 RIP to those lost to suicide. The numbers keep climbing more than ever, it seems.   

RIP to those lost to suicide. The numbers keep climbing more than ever, it seems.


For some, more and more, it seems, we may find ourselves dealing with anxiety and depression. In my personal experience, I know many who have struggled with depression. I now understand that I have dealt with these symptoms at different points in my life. It is a time when we are not aware of our personal struggle. Depression and anxiety cloud our sensory intake. 

I am reminded of this after learning of Kate Spade's suicide. I recall reading about her life in a fun coffee table book about Napa we received as a gift. It showed a decadently wealthy family with a fun lifestyle, including summers in Napa Valley. I've always admire her designs and thought the whimsy and clever preppy-vibe was spirited. 

When we consider the malalignment of the lifestyle and the outcome of the end of her life, we see the lack of balance in mind, body, and spirit. Offering a practice for each area of our life enables us to feel our bodies and manage symptoms as they come forward. Anxiety and depression present symptoms which are confusing to self-diagnose. The best course of action to be self-aware, is to be social and be receptive to the body and verbal language of those responding to you.

Being social is the beginnings of self development activities. Studies show that being social can alleviate and prevent feelings of despair. Connectivity to our community literally brings vitality into our daily experience. Humans are not meant to be solitary. We thrive in social environments and are supported by the energy of others.

Continuing our self-development through self-care practices of attending group lessons of exercise, academics, or being part of a group adds tour personal identity and gives depth to your daily routine. This adds a life force through others and creates a life of social dynamic and a sensibility with others in your community. Fostering empathy and feelings of peace and contentment, we may experience optimum performance in our brains. The hypothalamus is stimulated by feelings of peace and calm, allowing our thyroid and pineal glands to calibrate hormones in our blood flow. 

Easing the labor of these important hormone releasing glands protects the good function of these parts of your body. All initiated from external stimulation developed over time into daily feelings of harmony. Quite literally, harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit with this action. Adding simple practices like self awareness can affect our peace of mind, and create a ripple effect to improve our overall health. Mental health continues to reflect a response to our environment and culture. 

With self-care practices like self-awareness, we become better capable to interact in our communities. Adding daily yoga to self-care, allows us to stimulate organs with a perfect practice and will modulate normal hormone flow. Adding these truths to your routine may establish balance to your daily experience and improve how you feel.