Connect with the nature of Spring and detoxify.

Spring is a natural time of year for the body to cleanse itself from excess fat intake over the winter months. Lighter flavors present themselves in nature in late Winter with citrus fruit abundance in the markets. At the height of this season now, varieties like Cara Cara, Blood Orange, and Satsuma are plentiful at this time and so delicious and mildly sweet. Upon digestion, citric acids act as a cell cleaner, brightening and cleansing the digestive tract. Adding warm lemon water, helps facilitate this natural cleansing action.

Yogis take this natural opportunity to deepen this natural season of cleansing through Yin Yoga, eating modest foods, and simplifying the days with self-nurturance. Taking care to help yourself with this natural transition of new life in nature facilitates adapting to the seasonal shifts with ease. 

It can be helpful to add supplemental water to your diet, as your body is better able to rid of natural toxins that have built up over the rich diet of Fall and Winter. All animals in nature do this, as new life presents natural ingredients to cleanse our palettes and digestive tracts for more active outdoor lifestyles.

Taking a moment to appreciate your animal nature evokes a sense of calm and peace. This is an anti-inflammatory activity, stimulating the thyroid in all the right ways, and balancing hormones. Inducing production of dopamine, connecting with nature has the potential to become an addictive behavior, which may not be such a terrible one to have.

Being a part of a natural awakening to warmer days and easier life outdoors is a simple way to detoxify your mind from the continuous onslaught of problem-solving, scheduling, and to-do lists. Clearing your mind on a regular basis throughout the day is a cleansing ritual that is maybe more important than drinking a green smoothie.

Adding seasonal flavors to your days, drinking more water, and eliminating alcohol and processed foods is an act of self nurturance which would offer brilliant results to your body also be a cleansing time with the benefits of detoxifying your body's matter on a cellular level.

Deepening this practice with restorative yoga postures and deep twists, gives way to release of toxins. With greater awareness of cellular detoxification, providing benefits to joints, skin, hair, and muscle performance. You can see and feel the difference in your appearance and so do others. Your body is working with more energy and quite literally vibrating positive clean energy into the world. 

अम, Sanskrit for ama, is defined as "that which is not digested", toxin, poison, and other ways of expressing this important term in Ayurveda. Spring and Autumn are the months to cleanse and remove ama. Energetically, this presents stagnant energy. obstacles to overcome, headaches, and undigested food. Understanding these signs and symptoms and knowing when it is time to deepen the Earth's natural cleansing cycle, helps elevate your personal body's performance.

I am doing Yogidetox cleanse with a kind friend who invited me. Cate Stillman is inspiring and I am happy to be a part of this 2018 cleanse. I am deepening this natural cleansing time through home Spring cleaning and beautifying our space. I am taking longer walks and playing with our dog, Luna.

I took this photo cacti growing wild on a hillside. I look forward to these blooms every year and can't help but wonder if I could forage some of the petals to make a tea. I need to research this! However, the beauty of these rare blooms are magnetic and offer a positive visual and energetic experience for all around them.

Drinking lemon water, and simmering pots of rose geranium leaves and rosemary is freshening my personal diet. Adding more dynamic bone broths, including brahmi and ashwagandha and taking broth as tea is offering collagen-infused hydration that is nourishing to tissues and cellular plumping. Hydrating through out the day with diuretic drinks like hibiscus tea, green, parsley, and dandelion helps facilitate elimination of ama, or toxins. Replenishing with natural electrolytes in coconut water and adding sea salt to bites of food is important, as the diuretic effects can be depleting without proper additional nourishment. Dates seem to offer the right amount of sweet to satisfy and keep me interested in maintaining a cleansing state for a few weeks. 

Being a part of the Yogidetox online group, allows for deeper connections with myself, as I reflect in the group. I learn from others and feel supported in the nuances of heightened sensory awareness and development. This can produce emotions that are unfamiliar and it is great to see these as common with other group members. 

In nature, sensory awareness and development is a desired activity, as we become better able to survive through heightened awareness. Sharpening our senses benefits your personal experience and brain performance. This is an important ritual at a time in human history when we are continually distracted with technology and communication devices. At no other time has there been so many ways to reach OUT to others in the world. Balancing this orientation to the outside world with additional opportunities to turn inward with appreciation and simple awareness is important for optimum human performance and individual longevity. 

Consider how you are already naturally cleansing in the world and reach out to me to learn how I can help you revive your pantry and develop a seasonal kitchen sadhana practice to enliven your senses and home life.