Whether you are calibrating your in home experience with a personal service, ongoing support, or seasonal spice kits —

DISCOVER the reviving balance of being in tune with nature, in your own kitchen.

FEEL the results of better self-care, beginning with food as medicine.

EMPOWER yourself to be a part of a community of like-minded health seekers.


Private Chef Services

1 Session $300

Menu collaboration and creation. Preparation and storage of meals. Includes ingredient sourcing, clean up, and reheating directions and tips. Includes floral arrangement and pantry re-set. Learn more about adding to your week’s organization of meals and kitchen space and inquire.


Kitchen Sadhana


Experience your kitchen with peace and nourish your kitchen space with positivity. Includes: lifestyle consultation, complete kitchen clean and organization. Prescription for maintaining kitchen space and 6 week support by phone and text. Creating new habits in your kitchen takes time and devoted energy. Inquire to realize harmony with yourself and others, as well as other seasonal healthful Well Pantry practices.


Ayurveda Food & Digestive Health Coach


Learn the best diet and nutrition for your unique body type (dosha or constitution). Begin to understand your unique body’s language. Prescription, recipes, and a seasonal spice kit. Access to market tours and seasonal dinner parties. Inquire to be a a thriving version of yourself and be a part of a community of individuals seeking a healthier relationship with food and local natural ingredient


Seasonal Cooking Retreat


Discover ways to nurture your kitchen space. Enjoy learning knife skills, tasting warm cacao, teas, and Winter flavors. Prepare a lunch together and learn some cooking skills and tips to create enlivened Winter meals. Inquire to sign up for this. LIMITED SPACE.


Seasonal Spice Kits


Indulge in a seasonally curated grouping of spices, herbs, and healthy fats to nourish your body, mind and spirit. Discover the tastes and gunas of Ayurveda. Learn about the healing benefits from your basket and enjoy the glow of good health and vitality. Inquire to begin receiving this service. LIMITED QUANTITY.



How to recharge your diet and lifestyle:

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