About Well Pantry


As a child, I was sensitive. I had the diet of a typical diet of an American child growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. With a background in Human Learning and Behavior, I brought this to my travels in Southeast Asia, Europe, South Africa, Austrialia, and New Zealand. Lessons in local foods brought satisfaction and sensory stimulation which led me to studying culinary arts and fine dining.

Skills in international cookery gave way to a family life. With the development of a family comes great self-reflection. An awareness of my own health became poignant in a time when I was taking care of those around me. As a yogi, I fell deeply into my personal yoga practice to maintain a healthy body. I was also challenged to shift from my days of fine dining tricks of making food tasty to bringing awareness of health and wellness to my children.

It was at this time, I discovered Ayurveda (the science of life, आयुर्वेद) from a yoga teacher. As I applied simple principles, which she shared to me in a gurukulu format, it became clear that I needed to pursue more study of this lifestyle philosophy. As I began studying, it has become even clearer that I need to continue my study and refinement of my practice for the next many years to come.

I have found balance in my personal, family, and professional experience through my Ayurveda practice. Sharing this knowledge is part of studying and creates a community, which may offer continuity in these teachings of sages from some of the first human documents. This practice dates back 5,000 years, and has been refined and accepted in some cultures as science. The practice of Ayurveda is a daily application of lifestyle, spirituality, and exercise of body and mind.

Sharing my education and skills with you on a personal level is the beginning of developing a Well Pantry practice in your home. Rippling vitality through you and your kitchen, discover the rippling effect of positive energy into your family, friends, and community.

Dinacharya Master class - current

Yoga Certification, City College - current

Ayurveda Masters Digestion and Nutrition, 2017

Culinary Arts AA, Seattle Culinary Institute, 2003

Human Learning & Behavior BA, University of Tennessee, 1993