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Kitchen Sadhana

Kitchen Sadhana

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Jumpstart your healthy lifestyle and feel the benefits in your body. Setting up your space is just the beginning in developing a new food repertoire. Creating a Well Pantry practice is simple once you organize and prepare for higher-level functioning in the kitchen. 

Together, we will design your kitchen experience and develop your kitchen skills. You will feel bouyant, active, and thriving in your cooking activities. Includes: 

  • Consultation

  • Kitchen tidy

  • Pantry recharge with seasonal, local ingredient highlights

  • Personalized immunity wellness tips

  • Custom 12 week seasonal menu and recipe outline

  • Snack & Tea

  • All ingredients and treats 

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Storage containers and labeling not included. We will work with what you have and I will over suggestions for creating the most out of your space. It's fun to get your kitchen space cleaned and sorted!