Kitchen Sadhana


Kitchen Sadhana


Recharge your kitchen, the central part of the home. Create order and ease to better nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Cleanse & organize your kitchen with a professional chef. Be a part of creating a sacred space in your kitchen. Align with the seasons and see the systemic progress of success ripple into all areas of your home and life.

Includes seasonal spice kit and culinary treats.

2 - 3 hours

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Sadhana in Sanskrit means process, discipline or service. Creating a kitchen repertoire and refining it over time is a practice like any other. When times become busy and rushed, we see the effects in our kitchen space and in the quality of our diet. Establishing a practice of maintaining a high-functioning kitchen is the beginning to success in all areas of our life.

Bring balance to the life force of your home kitchen. Nourish and cleanse your space with love and intention. Discover the reward and enlivened energy which fills your kitchen after ta Well Pantry Kitchen Sadhana service.

Learn more about your habits and what is working and how to unravel habits which are not serving you well. Bring a welcome space to yourself and others with new organization, seasonal ingredients, and clear pathways for energy flow. Bring cheerful energy to the kitchen to foster warm feelings of creativity and openness to attract others.